What is Interior Billboard? 
Interior Billboard is a digital advertising agency based in Akron, Ohio. We are the modern day alternative to traditional print signage.
How does Interior Billboard work?
Interior Billboard offers sleek, vibrant and freestanding screen kiosks for rent. You tell us your idea, we design it, and then deliver it right to you. All of our screens are maintenance free and run 24/7 for display!
What can I display on a Interior Billboard screen? 
Anything! Most customers display interactive photos or videos that display on a looped cycle or as simple as a static image. However, you are also able to use the screen as a website, restaurant menu board, guest list, etc.
I only want to rent a screen for the day, am I able to do that?
Yes! We offer short and long term rental lengths. You are able to rent a screen for a few hours or as long as 12 months!
I don’t have a creative visual, where do I begin?
No problem, we’ll handle it for you! All you need is the idea and we will bring it to life on the screen for you to display!
What is the ideal rental length?
Rental lengths vary. Personal rentals are usually one day however corporate rentals generally are longer term, for a span of months. 
What does pricing include?
Everything. The price covers the entire process; designing your visual, delivering the screen, installation and take down.
What can I rent an Interior Billboard screen for?
Anything! Our screens enhance every environment: restaurants weddings, schools, sporting events, birthday parties, lobby displays, training sessions, open houses, etc.